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If you or a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer, where will you turn?

Like many in our community, you will call To Life!.


Because life changes the second that diagnosis is heard and it will never be the same again. At To Life!, no one is treated like a ‘patient’.Cancer is a burden to be carried, and we are here to lighten that load - through a visit to a support group, or the boutique for a bra, prosthesis, or a wig, you will leave our office feeling lighter than you walked in.We are here to help navigate through a time when you feel the least amount of control in your life.

To Life! is local – providing services right here inyour community - to your neighbors and co-workers, your friends and family members. We exist to help you and your loved ones find a sense of balance – to provide hope, healing and recovery – and to allow families to return tonormalcy during and after treatment.

For nearly 19 years, To Life! has been the Capital Region’s personal source for breast cancer education and support.We are so grateful to you for allowing our committed team to support each and every survivor who walks in our doors.Your support touches the lives of thousands of women and family members affected by breast cancer.

Your gift is extremely important because it is directed to current needs, and allows us to continue our support services and educational programs for survivors, family, friends, and caregivers - all free of charge.

Our client, Deborah, reflected, “ To Life! is one of those wonderful organizations that’s really in it to help people, and I think they are a learning, living, breathing organization that’s evolving to help their community.”

We are counting on your support to continue that mission of sharing hope and building strength.

Thank you.

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Your tax deductible gift helps support our vital mission to help those affected by breast cancer. We rely on financial contributions from individuals and businesses to keep our free-of-charge programs and services thriving. Make your contribution online here. Alternatively contributions are gladly accepted by credit card via phone or fax or by check or credit card via regular mail, along with the    completed form .

State and Federal Employees: You can help To Life!

Designate To Life! to receive either your State Employee Federated Appeal or Combined Federal Campaign Payroll Deducted Donation

Effective in 2006 you will find To Life! listed in the following regions/counties with these SEFA code numbers. Regardless of the code number you use, your funds will be distributed to To Life! to support its services throughout the region.

Capital Region 50-227
Columbia/Green 86-306
Schenectady 68-506
Fulton 67-506
Montgomery 70-802
(Washington, Warren, Northern Saratoga)

CFC CODE: 9617

Thank you!