Who We Are

Our Mission

To educate our community about breast cancer detection, treatments and related health matters; and provide support services to breast cancer patients, caregivers, family and friends.

Why We’re Here

Breast cancer is one of the most personal diagnoses an individual can ever face, which means it’s often one of the most difficult to talk about. That lack of conversation creates a gap in education and support; at time of diagnosis, during treatment and after treatment.

To Life! exists to fill the gap; to pick up where the doctors leave off. To create the conversation that leads to more informed decisions about treatment and an improved understanding of the diagnosis; to build real connections.

There are 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S.. That’s an amazing number of people who, until recently, had little opportunity to talk and learn how to deal with it across all facets of their lives. To Life was founded in 1998 by a survivor who wanted to bring the conversation to the foreground and provide personal, one-on-one support and education. Her vision was to create a local, independent, grass roots organization, which would serve our community right here in the Capital District.

What We Do

To Life! provides education and support services for individuals who are dealing with breast cancer. With locations in Delmar and Saratoga Springs, we serve a 10 county area including Albany, Columbia, Fulton, Greene, Montgomery, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Warren, Washington counties.

Our size and focus on our community allow us to provide personal services based upon the needs of each individual. Some want the peer-to-peer support of a mentor. Some find that a support group offers what they need. Complementary therapies or custom fittings at one of our boutiques help others. Many just have questions without answers.

Education programming in the form of a full day conference, half-day forum, evening lectures, small workshops, and wellness days bring leaders in treatment in touch with survivors, caregivers, family members and friends, presenting the latest treatment information, at no cost to our attendees.

Our Annual Reports

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