I’m So Glad You Asked That Question!- Boutique Q & A’s

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In this edition of I'm So Glad You Asked That Question!, we answer questions from the To Life! Mastectomy Boutique Mailbox. If you have had or may have a mastectomy, these answers are very informative and will explain how To Life!'s mastectomy boutique can help you on your cancer journey.

Dear friends at To Life!,
I had my mastectomy ten years ago and I got a prosthesis from your boutique. It doesn’t seem to be fitting well anymore and now I’m old enough to be on Medicare. What should I do?
Not Fitting

Dear Not Fitting,
I’m so glad you asked that question! First of all, most insurances cover replacement prostheses and bras every two years. Also, To Life! is a Medicare Certified provider so we will take that insurance. Second, and another reason to stay in touch is that all of our bodies change as we age (gravity and all that) so a prosthesis that was perfect back then, may not fit as well ten years later. We always encourage women to come in for a fitting and to see what’s new. There’s no obligation to purchase. We have boutiques in Delmar and Saratoga. We can only see one person at a time and we schedule about one and one half hours for a fitting. Please call for an appointment (518) 439-5975. We’ll be glad to hear from you!

Dear To Life!,
I will be having a mastectomy on one side and don’t want any further surgery. I was planning to get a breast prosthesis but my sister in law is saying that they are so heavy and I won’t like it. I just want to look good and be comfortable.
Not Sure What To Do

Dear Not Sure,
You raise some important concerns. It’s true that a breast form may seem heavy. But that’s for a reason. They are designed to match the weight of an actual breast. Having a single mastectomy and not reconstructing or using a breast prosthesis, can actually be bad for your spine because of the imbalance. Many women develop backaches and discomfort that goes away when they are properly fitted with a breast prosthesis that matches their other breast in size and weight.
While many women opt for reconstruction, others do not want the additional surgery and find prostheses to be a good solution. Also, with some kinds of reconstruction, it can be several months before the process is completed. We can help with solutions or suggestions for looking balanced during that period. Women are more than welcome to visit us BEFORE their surgery to see what is available and learn how the process works. Just give us a call!