Ways to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

For Yourself:

-Do your monthly breast self-exam

-Make an appointment for a mammogram if you are due.

-Set up a reminder system for your monthly breast self-exam for future months

-Schedule a clinical breast exam with your primary care doctor or gynecologist

-Commit to moving more, if your job requires a lot of sitting, get up regularly to stretch or walk around the office.

For a Friend:

-Talk to your sister, friend, or mom (etc.) about getting a mammogram

-Invite To Life! to your office to host a Breast Health Workshop.

-Reach out to someone you know who has cancer.

-Encourage a friend to seek support at one of the many support group outlets available locally and at no charge to the community.

For your Family:

-Talk to your kids, siblings, parents and grandparents about your family’s cancer history

-Pack your kids a health lunch (or teach them to pack their own!)

-at an extra serving of fruits or veggies at every meal this month

For All:

-Show us your Pink! Post photos up on our facebook page

-Support businesses that support Breast Cancer Awareness

-Participate in activities that promote Breast Cancer Awareness