Recently Diagnosed

Recently Diagnosed

If you or a loved on has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, you are probably experiencing an array of complicated emotions as you determine the “next step.” To Life! is here to offer information and support services to guide you through the cancer journey.

Please click on the following services below offered by To Life! to learn more about the ways we can offer our support.

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Words of encouragement from local women who have been there…

Don’t believe everything you read or hear that will bring you down

Stay strong and positive. My doctor told me “how you feel has a lot to do with what you think and how you act.” In other words, if you lay around all day, all you’ll feel like doing is laying around. Continue doing the things you love.” –Kristin, 36

Focus on you…

This is your time to heal. Try meditation. Practice yoga. Get a massage. Listen to relaxing music. Take walks outside. Read books that you enjoy. Watch a comedy and just laugh. Take time for things you enjoy.” –Linda, 50

Keep a journal...

I wrote about my experiences with treatments, wrote about when I cried and about good days, and how lucky I felt after meeting other women whose diagnosis wasn’t as promising as mine. In the end, I wrote ecstatically how I got to wash off all the markers that had been written on my body and how good I looked in the mirror with that constant reminder gone. I wrote about my first clean mammogram. Journaling was most helpful for me.” –Sandy, 55

Talk to others who have been through it…

They can offer encouraging words, understanding, and helpful tips. Sugared ginger helps with an upset stomach (extremely cheap at a farm stand). Peppermints come in handy with saline washes of the port.” –Casey, 36